SMF/VRLA Batteries

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Dekson 12V 7.6AH SMF/VRLA Battery

750.00 700.00

Dekson 6V 4.5AH SMF/VRLA Battery

650.00 600.00


1,200.00 1,010.00

Livguard E-Rickshaw | E-Shakti LG B0 ERFP 1500

7,000.00 6,300.00

Exide E-Rickshaw Battery 100Ah

8,000.00 6,400.00

Amaron AAM-CR-AR135ST36

11,012.00 8,809.00

OKAYA 200AH Hadi

18,450.00 14,760.00

SMF/VRLA Battery

Are you looking to buy SMF/VRLA battery online at best prices?… Then, Check out BatteryGuru, online battery store. We provide a huge range of SMF/VRLA Battery as per your requirement or convenience. At our online battery store, you can get numbers of top battery brands likes Exide(Chloride Safe), Amaron(Quanta), Dekson and Elnova(Kommotso) with genuine warranty up to 12 Months according to brands they will provide it.

If you have decided to buy an SMF/VRLA battery online at a cost-effective price:

…Then, Check out and select the SMF/VRLA battery according to your requirement.

For purchasing the SMF/VRLA battery, follow the simple steps: Fill all the required your personal details and at the time of checkout, proceed to checkout by selecting best payment option like online, cash on delivery or in EMI. After completing the order, your nearest Battery Dealer will install the E-Ride battery in your SMF/VRLA within 24 hours i.e., fast delivery.

Best SMF/VRLA Battery Brands

1- Exide(Chloride Safe)
2- Amaron(Quanta)
3- Dekson
4- Elnova(Kommotso)

SMF/VRLA Battery Capacity

1- 6V 4.5Ah
2- 12V 7.5Ah
2- 12V 26Ah

SMF/VRLA Battery Specifications

  1. Nominal Voltage- 12V
  2. Battery Type- SMF/VRLA Battery

SMF/VRLA Battery Price list

SMF/VRLA Price for 100 Ah

SMF/VRLA Battery Warranty

Warranty Starts From 12 Months.

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