AMARON AAM-PR-00050B20R (35 Ah)

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Amaron AAM-PR-00050B20R Description

Amaron PRO batteries are manufactured using world class technology under strict quality control. Technologically advanced, Amaron PRO batteries offer long life and a trouble-free 60 months warranty. Like the other Amaron batteries, Amaron PRO have patented BIC vents for enhanced safety and highest cranking power.

Product Type

Car Battery


Battery Capacity 35 Ah
Warranty 60 Months(30 Months Free Of Cost 30 Months Pro Rata)
Battery Layout Right Layout


  1. High Cranking Power
  2. Maintenance Free
  3. High Heat Tolerance
  4. Vibration Resistance
  5. Patented BIC vents for enhanced safety
  6. Long Life
  7. Highest Reserve Capacity
  8. Factory Charged – Ready to Use


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