Microtek UPS EB 1100 VA Square Wave UPS Inverter

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Microtek UPS EB 1100VA Square Wave Inverter

India has been facing a serious crisis of electricity supply for the past few and there is not a single cause behind it. Some say that it is because of the unprecedented water crisis. Many thermal power plants have been shut down due to water shortage and this, in turn, is affecting the productivity of ample power that is required to cater to the needs of the people. Similarly, the hydropower plants have also been badly stricken. Thus, to meet the demands of the people, companies with power backup solutions have been emerging rapidly. One such name is Microtek, which has brought its UPS EB series with a Micro Controller design. Buy Microtek EB 1100VA UPS online at www.batteryguru.in and get numerous additional benefits and an excellent shopping experience sitting back at home.



Inverter Capacity

1100 VA

Inverter Type

Home UPS, Inverter




Inverter Output

Square Wave, Trapezoidal Wave


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