Microtek UPS EB 700 VA Square Wave UPS Inverter

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Microtek Digital UPS EB 700 VA Square Wave Inverter

The frequent power cuts that happen to take place due to the lack of production hamper the performance of our home electrical appliances. It is because even homes and commercial purposes require higher power requirements. Hence, companies have emerged with power backup solutions to illuminate our lives. One such brand is the Microtek that has a wide range of inverters to choose from. This series of Microtek is controller design based and has eventually turned out to be the largest selling series of home UPS due to its extended backup facility. The UPS also has an external battery system. Buy Microtek EB 700VA UPS online at www.batteryguru.in and get a chance for a hassle-free shopping experience along with some eye-catching deals to make your online shopping experience better.





Inverter Type

Home UPS, Inverter

Inverter Capacity

700 VA

Inverter Output

Square Wave


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