SF SONIC FFS0-FS1440-DIN44 (44Ah)

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 Brand SF-Sonic
 Model FFS0-FS1440
 Nominal Voltage 12V
 Battery Layout Left Layout
 Battery Warranty 48 Months(24 Months Free Of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rata)
 Dimension (LxWxH) in mm 210x175x175
 Nominal Filled Weight 12.8 KGS

SF Sonic Flash Start 1440 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

  1. Patented Japanese C21 alloy to withstand severe working conditions
  2. Superior starting power, instant ignition
  3. Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks
  4. Dual plate protection against shocks and vibrations
  5. No topping up. Zero maintenance
  6. Factory charged battery
Product Type

Car Battery


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